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lagerxVinterset för landskap, Noch

Artikelnr N08758

Vinterset för landskap

192 kr

Standard frakt  (29 kr inom Sverige)

120 ml Snöpasta, 10 ml Iskristaller, 10 ml Istappar, 1 bunke.

The NOCH Winter Set contains all necessary products to create a winter scenery. Using a spatula or a brush you can easily apply the silky shimmering Snow Paste on landscapes, roofs, trees and vehicles. But it can also be shaped by hand, for example in order to imitate a snowmen or a snow heap. Frozen surfaces on lakes or roads are made with the NOCH Ice Crystals being applied in the desired thickness and shaped with a spatula or a brush. In order to perfectly create a winter landscape down to the last detail you can decorate eaves with the NOCH Icicles. They can be directly applied with the tube at the model: Simply apply the tube from below and then squeeze the milky paste pulling it away downward. This way you can vary the length and thickness of the Icicles. After drying they appear crystal clear and hard. Contents: 120 ml Snow Paste, 10 ml Ice Crystals, 10 ml Icicles, 1 Spatula


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