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lager1ST FJ DIVISION HOLLAND, Plastbyggsatser

Artikelnr DR6276


159 kr

Standard frakt  (29 kr inom Sverige)

1/35 1st Fallschirmjager Division Holland 1940 (4 figure set) - Gen 2 Series

This set includes four superb paratrooper figures shown in dynamic poses. Each includes weapons such as a P08 Luger pistol M1924 stick grenade MG34 Kar98K rifle and MP38 sub-machinegun.

- includes photo-etched buckles and badges
- slide molded parts including early-style side-laced jump boots (with patterned soles) gas mask cases and smocks and trousers that are made from cleverly designed separate pieces to provide maximum detail
- BONUS - includes two parachute canisters of the type for dropping equipment completely newly tooled and are of the diagonal opening style

About this set:
As Germany unleashed its Blitzkrieg on the West their forces were unstoppable. Leading the way in many cases were Germanys elite paratroopers known as Fallschirmjagers. They are immediately identifiable by their M1938 helmets M1938 jump smocks and jump trousers. Now for the first time Dragon offers Generation 2 Fallschirmjagers a high quality set featuring these elite troops from the invasion of Holland in 1940. Modelers have been delighted with the phenomenal detail included in Generation 2 figure sets and this item is no different.

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