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lagervFan Portable Airbrush, RC-Hobby

Artikelnr SKU0100

vFan Portable Airbrush

2000 kr
I lager

Standard frakt  (29 kr inom Sverige)

Every Preval vFan Airbrush System kit includes:
1 - vFan Airbrush with .9mm fan air cap and .9mm detail air cap
2 - cans of 150 Feet of ENERGY 3 - product containers with full assembly (6oz, 3oz, and 1 oz)
1 - 6' long air hose  1 - extra .99mm spray needle  
1 - Pressure tank regulator for 150 Feet of ENERGY  

Additional Dip tubes, tools and accessories   Instruction Manual enclosed in our Award Winning upright, Bi-lingual packaging The vFan Portable Airbrush is an all-in-one touch-up system for precision painting, surface prep, touch-ups and curing – anywhere and anytime.   Our siphon-fed, dual-action stainless steel and brass vFan airbrush delivers professional results with a silent pressurized can compressor that fits in your pocket: 150 Feet of ENERGY.   We suggest using the cans of 150 Feet of ENERGY with our EDU (not included) for long lasting use. Our award-winning vFan Airbrush is a portable painting workhorse that sprays from a 1/16" detailed line to a 3" fan with total consistency and almost no overspray.  As a 'hybrid' airbrush system, the vFan Airbrush works with our silent 150 Feet of ENERGY pocket compressors and our Energy Dispersal Unit, as well as most electric compressors.     



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