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lagerCountry Road Curve, Noch

Artikelnr N60710

Country Road Curve

101 kr
I lager

Standard frakt  (69 kr inom Sverige)


Grey, 2 pieces each 6.6 cm wide

Negotiate the Bends with the Universal Curve from NOCH

What would we do without country roads? The country road network is ideal for getting from A to B quickly. Country roads lead through beautiful patches of landscape and you can really enjoy the drive. Sharp bends and passes can be reproduced in detail with the Country Road Universal Curve.

Make detailed road scenes on your model layout even more customised and perfectly draw attention to them with the NOCH “Country Road”. You can hardly tell the difference between this model and the real thing. The model railway passengers quickly reach their destination.

The stable, flexible and self-adhesive Road Tape is easy to stick on. Its available in various widths (main road, country road), as a universal curve, crossroads and car park as well as cobblestones. NOCH Road Tape is provided in the colour variants “Asphalt” and “Grey” for H0, TT and N gauge.

Note: one pack contains 2 Universal Curves and a stencil for cutting. Also available in asphalt.

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