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lagerxDuplicutter II, NWSL

Artikelnr 53-624

Duplicutter II

629 kr
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Standard frakt  (69 kr inom Sverige)

Wider Version For 8" Sheets.
This tool was designed by and for model builders who work in styrene plastic to make their model building more efficient, accurate and fun. The Duplicutter II allows several needed functions to be performed, such as squaring a piece of sheet so that subsequent pieces are easy to handle; securely holding sheet material providing an easy method to scribe and snap off pieces as desired; easily making parts exactly the same size -- make duplicate car sides, building sides or sections, anything where you need more than one of the same size, shape part. Makes the job go faster as well as providing a more accurate duplicate part particularly important when the project requires a quantity of duplicate parts. Accepts sheets up to 8-3/16" wide. Single edge razor blade is the scoring tool (included).

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