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Universal lighting kit LED
LED universal lighting kit for 4 axle H0 wagons.

Universal lighting set for passenger wagon with a length from 170 up to 316 mm. For the operation of the Lighting set, it is necessary to use the base board with a length of 145 mm with the control electronics.

The 6 LED modules with a warm white LED each can be optionally positioned on the carrier board so that an adaption to the interior is possible.

The carrier board can be shortened from 296 mm to 250, 170 or 145 mm, nevertheless, the power supply from both sides is possible. With buffer capacitor for uninterruptible power supply.

It can be used in analogue as well as digital operation with AC or DC.

With 16 pin PluX interface.
The LED modules can be switched in groups in digital operation.

Skala H0 (1:87).

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