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lagerxTruck Andrews, Kadee

Artikelnr 380-509

Truck Andrews

156 kr

Du sparar 4 kr

Normalt cirkapris: 160 kr

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Standard frakt  (69 kr inom Sverige)

Beskrivning på engelska: The Andrews truck is also a turn of the century design that was long lived. It represents one of the first steps in the development of the modern freight truck with its cast frame. The journal boxes are bolted to the main frame. This truck was used through the end of the 1950s although by that time was only used in lighter applications such as refrigerator cars. Andrews trucks are probably still used were logging railroads remain in operation. Kadee® freight trucks feature: Non-magnetic wheels, insulated needlepoint axles, highly flexible sprung trucks with metal sideframes and bolsters. 1 par boggier/förpackning.

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